Prefix and meaning:

a-, an-    without
ab-, abs-   away from
abdomin-, abdomino-   abdomen
acanth-, acantho-   thorn or spine
acous-, acouso-, acousio-   hearing
acr-, acro-   extremity topmost
ad-   toward, increase, adherence, motion, very
aden-, adeno-   gland
adip-, adipo-   fat
adren-, adreno-   gland
aer-, aero-   air, gas
aesthesio-, asthesio-   sensation
al-   like, similar
alb-  denoting a white or pale color
alge-, algesi-   pain
algia-   pain
algo-, algio-   pain
allo-   denoting something as different, or as an addition
ambi-   around on all sides, both
amnio-   pertaining to the amnion
amph-, amphi-   on both sides
amyl-   starch
an-   not, without
ana-   back, again, up
andr-, andro-   pertaining to a man
angio-, anti-   blood vessel
aniso-   describing something as unequal
ankyl-, ankylo-, ancylo-   crooked, looped, stiff
an/o-   anus
ante-   before
anti-   against, opposed to
apo-   separated from, derived from
arch-, archi-, arche-, archo-   first, primitive
arterio-   artery
arthro-   joint, articulation
articulo-, articul-   joint
asthen-   weakness, lack
atel-, atelo-   imperfect or incomplete development
atrio-, atri-   atrium
aud-, aur-   ear, hearing
auri-   ears (aural)
aut-, auto-   self, same
aux-, auxo-   increase, growth
axill-   of or pertaining to the armpit
azo-, azoto-   nitrogenous compound
bacterio-, bacteri-   bacteria
balano-   of the glans penis or glans clitoridis
bar-   weight
bi-   both, two
bio-   life
blast-, blasto-   germ or bud
bleph-, blepharo-   eyelid
brachio-, brachi-   arm
brachy-   short or little
brady-   slow
bronchi-, broncho-   bronchial
buccal-, bucco-, bucc-   cheek
burs-, burso-   bursa
capill-   of or pertaining to hair
capit-   pertaining to the head as a whole
carcin-, carcino-   cancer
cardio-, cardi-   heart
carpo-, carp-   wrist
cata-   down
caud-   tail
centi-   hundredth
cephalo-, cephal-   head
cerat-, cerato-   of or pertaining to the cornu; a horn  
cerebell-, cerebello-   cerebellum
cerebro-, cerebr-   brain
cervic-   neck
chem-, chemo-   chemistry, drug
chiro-, chir-, cheir-, cheiro-   hand
chlor-, chloro-   green
chole-, chol-   bile
cholecyst-   gall bladder
chondro-, chondrio-   cartilage, gristle
chrom-, chromato-   color
cili-   cilia, eyelashes, eyelids
circum-   around
cis-   on this side
clast-   break
co-   with, together, in association
col-, colo-, colono-   colon
colp-, colpo-   vagina
com-   with, together
contra-   against
cor-   with, together
cor-, core-, coro-   pupil of the eye
cordi-   heart
cornu-   applied to processes and parts of the body describing them
likened or similar to horns
cort-   covering
costo-, cost-   ribs
coxa-, cox-   hip, haunch, hip-joint
cranio-, crani-   skull, cranium
cry-, cryo-   cold
cubitus-   elbow, forearm
cutane-   skin
cut-   skin
cyan-, cyano-   blue color
cycl-   circle, cycle
cyph-, cypho-   bent
cysto-, cyst-, cysti-   bladder, sac
cyt-, cyte-, cyto-   cell
dacrio-, dacryo-   tear
dactyl-, dactylo-   digit (finger or toe)
de-  away from, cessation
deci-  tenth
dent-  tooth
derma-, dermato-  skin
dextr-, dextro-  right, on the right side
di-  separation, apart, two
dia-  through, during, across
dif-  separation, apart
digit-  finger
diplo-  double
dis-   separation, taking apart
dors-, dorso-, dorsi-  back
duodeno-  duodenum
dynamo-  force, energy
dys-   painful, abdominal, bad, difficult
ec-   out, away
ecto-, ect-  outside
edem-   swelling (fluid)
edoptra-  stiff
encephal-, encephalo-  brain
endo-  inside, within, internal
enter-, entero-   small intestine
epi-, epio-  upper, above, upon
episio-, episi-  pubic region, loins
erythro-, erythr- red
esophago-  gullet
esthesio-   sensation
eu-  good, well
ex-  out of, away from
exo-  exterior, outward
extra-  outside
faci-  face, facies
fascia-  band (fibrous)
fibr-, fibro-  fiber
fossa-  ditch, pit
front-  forehead
galacto-, galact-  milk
gastro-, gastr-  stomach
genu- knee
gingiva-, gingiv-  gums
glauc-, glauco-   gray or bluish-gray color
gloss-, glosso-, glott-, glotto- tongue
gluco-  glucose
glyco-  sugar
gnath-, gnatho-  jaw
gon-, gono-  seed, semen, reproductive
gravid-  pregnant
gyne-, gyn-, gyno-   woman (also gynae-, gynaeco-, gyneco-)
halluc-  to wander in mind
hemi-  half
hemo-, haemo-   blood (also hem-, hema-, hemat-, hemato-)
hepato-, hepat-, hepatico-  liver
heter-, hetero-  the other, different
hidr-, hidro-  sweat
hist-, histio-, histo-  tissue
homeo-, home-, homo- similar, the same
humer-, humero-  shoulder
hydro-, hydr-  water
hyper-  excessive
hypo-  deficient
hyster-, hystero-  uterus, womb
iatro-, iatr-  medicine, or physician
idio-  self, one's own
ile-  intestine (part)
ileo-  ilium
ili- hip bone
infra- below
inter-  between
intra-  inside
iri-, irid-, irido- iris (eye)
isch-  restriction
ischi-, ischio-  ischium
iso-  equal, like
karyo-  nucleus
kerat-, kerato- cornea, scaly
kilo-  thousand
kin-, kine-, kinesi-   movement
kinesio-, kino- movement
koil-, koilo-  hollow
kyph-, kypho-  humped
labia-, labio-  lip
lacrim-, lacrimo-  tear
lacto-, lacti-, lact-  milk
lapar-, laparo-  abdomen
laryng-, laryngo- larynx
latero-, later-  side, lateral
lei-, leio- smooth
lepto-  light, slender
leuko-, leuk-, leuc-, leuco    white
lingua-, linguo-   tongue
lip-, lipo-    fat
lith-, litho-    stone
log-, logo-   speech
lymph-, lympho-   fluid
lys-, lyso-   dissolution
macro-, macr-  large, long
mamm-, mammo-, mast-, masto-   breast
mammill-, mammillo-   nipple
manu-   hand
meg-, mega-   large
megal-, megalo-  large
melan-, melano-    black
melos-    extremity
mening-, meningo-   membrane
meno-/mens-    menstruate
mero-   part
meso-, mes-    middle
meta-   after, behind
metro-, metr-   uterus, womb
micro-, micr-  small
milli-    thousandth
mono-, mon-   one, single
morph-, morpho-   form, shape
muscul-, musculo-    muscle
my-, myo-   muscle
myc-, myco-   fungus
myelo-, myel-   bone marrow, spinal cord
myo-, my-   muscle
myring-, myringo-   eardrum
myx-, myxo-   mucus
narc-, narco-       numb, sleep
nares-/nas-, naso-  nostril, nose
natus-  birth
nec-, necro-    death
neo-   new
nephro-, nephr-    kidney
nerv-     nervous system
neuro-, neur-, neuri-   nerve, nervous system
normo-   normal
ocul-, oculo-    eye
odont-, odonto-   tooth
odyn-, odyno-   pain
oesophago-   gullet
ole-   small, little
olig-, oligo-  few, little
om-, omo-   shoulder
omphalo-, omphal-    navel, umbilicus
onco-    tumor, bulk, volume
onych-, onycho-    fingernail, toenail
oo-   egg, ovary
oophoro-, oophor-   ovary
ophthal-, ophthalm-, ophthalmo-   eye
optic-, optico-   eye
or-, oro-   mouth, bone
orchid-, orchi-, orchido-   testes
ortho-, orth-  straight, normal, correct
osseo-   bony
ossi-    bone
osteo-, oste-, ost-   bone
oto-, ot-    ear, hearing
ovario-, ovo-, ovari-   ovary
ovi-, ovo-, ov-   egg
oxo-   addition of oxygen
oxy-  sharp, acid, acute, oxygen
pachy-   thick
palpebr-  eyelid
pan-, pant-, panto-    all, entire, complete
papill-   nipple
papul-, papulo-  pimple, swelling in the skin
para-  beside, alongside of, abnormal
part-   birth; labor
parvo-   small
path-, patho-   disease
ped-/paed-  child
ped-/pod-, pes-   foot
pelv-, pelvi-, pelvo-   hip bone
peo-   penis
per-   through
peri-  around, about
phaco-   lens shaped
phago-    eating, devouring
phallo-  phallus
pharmaco-    drug, medicine
pharyng-, pharyngo-   pharynx
phleb-, phlebo-   vein
phob-, phobo-   exaggerated fear, sensitivity
phon-, phono-   sound
phos-   light
phot-, photo-  light
phrenic-, phren-, phrenico-, phreni-, phreno-   diaphragm
plasty-  surgical repair, reconstruction
pleio-  more, excessive, multiple
pleur-, pleuro-, pleuri-   pleura of the lung
pneumo-, pneumat-, pneumato-   lung, air
pod-, podo-  foot
poly-    many, multiplicity
por-, poro-  pore, porous
porphyr-, porphyro-  purple
post-, posto-  behind, after, posterior
pre-    before, anterior
presby-, presbyo-   old age
prim-  first, most important
pro-   forward, before
procto-, proct-  rectum, anus
proto-, prot-  first, most important
pseudo-   false
psycho-, psyche-, psych-   mind, soul
pulm-, pulmon-, pulmo-   lung
pyelo-, pyel-  bowel or kidney, pelvis
pyo-   pus
pyro-  fever
quadri-, quadr-   four
rachi-, rachio-   spine
radio-    radiation, radius
re-  again, backward
rect-, recto-    rectum
ren-, reno-  kidney
reticul-, reticulo-   net
retro-   backward, behind
rhabd-, rhabdo- rod-shaped, striated
rhin-, rhino-   nose
rhod-, rhodo-   red
rubr-, rubro-   red nucleus of the brain
salpingo-, salping-   tube
sangui-, sanguine-    blood
sarco-  muscular, fleshlike
schisto-, schist-   split, cleft
schiz-, schizo-  split, cleft, division
scler-, sclero-   hardness
scoli-, scolio-   twisted
sebum-  wax, suet
semi-  one-half, partly
semin-  seed
sial-, sialo-   saliva, salivary gland
sigmoid-, sigmoido-  sigmoid, sigmoid colon
sinistr-, sinistro-   left, left side
sinus-   sinus
sito-   food, grain
soma-, somato-, somat-, somatico-  body
spasmo-   spasm
sperma-, spermato-, spermo-  sperm
splanchn-, splanchni-, splanchno-  viscera
splen-, splendo-  spleen
spondyl-, spondylo-  spine
squam-, squamos-, squamoso-  scaly
steno-, sten-  narrowness, constriction
steth, stetho-  upper chest
stheno-  strength, force, power
stoma-, stom-, stomato-, stomat-  mouth
stric-   narrowing
sub-   below, beneath
super-  above
supra-  above
sy-, syl-  together
sym-, syn-, sys-   together
tachy-   rapid, fast
thec-   case, sheath
thel-, thelo-, thele-  nipple
thely-   woman, feminine
therm-, thermo-  heat
thorac-, thoracico-, thoraco-  thorax
thrombo-, thromb-  clot
thym-, thymo-, thymia-   emotions
thyr-, thyro-  thyroid gland
toco-   childbirth
tono-   tone, tension, pressure
top-, topo- place, topical
tox-, toxi-, toxico-, toxo-   toxin, poison
trache-, tracheo-  trachea
trachel-, trachelo-   neck
trans-  across, through, beyond
trich-, trichi-, trichia-, tricho- hair, hairlike structure
tympan-, tympano- eardrum
ultra-   beyond, excessive
umbilic-   navel, umbilicus
ungui-   nail, claw
uni-, un-   one
uri-, uric-, urico-   uric acid
ur-, uro-   urine
urin-   urine, urinary system
uter-, utero-   uterus, womb
vagin-   vagina
varic-, varico-   swollen or twisted vein
vas-, vaso-   blood vessel, duct
vasculo-   blood vessel
ven-   veins
ventro-, ventr-   belly, stomach
vesic-, vesico-   bladder, sac
viscera-, viscer-, viscero-   organ
xanth-, xantho-   yellow, yellowish
xeno-, xen-   foreign, different
zoo-, zo-   animal, animal life
zym-, zymo-   fermentation, enzyme
Suffix and meaning:

-able     capable of doing the thing indicated by the stem or prefix
-ac, acal-   pertaining to
-acanth    thorn or spine
-acea     an order of animal forms
-acusis   hearing or vision
-ad   toward, in the direction of
-aemia   blood condition
-aer-, -aero   air, gas
-agra    excessive pain
-al     pertaining to
-algesia, -algesic, -algetic, -algia, -algic   pain
-algia    pain
-an    relating to, native of, like
-apharesis     removal
-ar     pertaining to
-ary   pertaining to
-ase    enzyme
-asthenia   weakness
-ation    process
-atresia   absence of a normal body opening, occlusion, closure
-bacter     bacterial
-blast, -blasty    germ, embryo, initial stage of development
-blepharon    eyelid
-brachial    arm
-capnia     carbon dioxide
-cardia, -cardium    heart
-carpal    wrist
-cecal    cecum
-cele     swelling, pouching, hernia, protrusion
-centesis    puncture, surgical puncture for aspiration
-cheiria, -chiria    hand
-cholecystis    gallbladder
-chondrion    like a grain
-chromia, -chromy     pigmentation
-cidal, -cide    killing, destroying
-clasia, -clasis, -clast    break
-cleisis, -cleises, -clisis, -clises     closure, obstruction, occlusion
-clysis     irrigating, washing
-coccus, -cocci     berry shape (a form of bacteria)
-crania    skull
-crine    secrete within, separate
-crit      to separate
-cubital    ulna; caused by lying in bed
-cule    small
-cyst    sac
-cystic     bladder, gallbladder
-cyte, -cytial, -cytium, -cytia     cell
-dactyl     finger, toe
-dema     swelling (fluid)
-dentate, -dont     tooth
-derm. -derma, -dermata-     skin
-desis     surgical fixing, binding
-drome      run, running
-duct     opening
-dynia     pain
-eal    pertaining to
-ectasis   enlargement, expansion, dilation
-ectomy   surgical removal
-ectopia    displacement
-edema    swelling, edema
-elcosis    ulceration
-ema    pathological condition
-emesis   vomiting
-emia     blood condition, blood
-encepha, -encephalus, -encephali     brain
-er    one who
-eremia     lack, absence
-eresis    taking
-esis    condition
-esophageal     gullet
-facient       making, causing
-fibular    fibula
-form     in the form or shape of
-galact     milk
-gen     origin or production
-gene    gene
-genesis     origin, cause
-genic, -genetic   source, origin, producing, originating, causing
-glossa     tongue
-gnath     jaw
-gnosis    knowledge
-gram, -graph     picture, recording instrument
-graphy      process of recording
-gyn, -gyne, -gynous, -gyny    woman
-humeral     upper arm, shoulder
-ia, -iasis      condition
-ial   pertaining to
-iasis   condition
-iatrics     treatment
-iatry      treatment, physician
-ic    pertaining to
-ician     one who
-icle   small
-ics     organized knowledge, treatment
-ictal    seizure, attack
-ide      a binary chemical compound
-idium      small, lesser one
-iform       having the form of  
-in    antibiotic, hormone, vitamin  
-ine    alkaloid
-ion, -isation     act, result, state of           
-ism     condition, disease
-ismus     spasm, contraction
-ist     one who specializes in
-ite     the nature of, resembling
-itic    resembling, characterized by
-itis    inflammation, disease
-ity     quality, state
-ium    structure, tissue
-kinesis    motion
-labial     lips
-lalia       speech disorder of prefix
-lemma    covering, sheath, membrane
-lepsis, -lepsy   seizure
-logist      one who specializes in study or treatment of
-logy    study of
-lumbar     loins
-lysis     separation
-lytic    dissolution
-malacia    softening
-mania    madness, insane desire
-megaly    enlarged
-meter     instrument for measuring
-metrium, -metria     part or layer of the uterus
-metry     process of measuring
-morph     form, shape
-nema     threadlike
-neura    having veins like prefix
-nomy     knowledge
-nym     name
-odia    smell
-odon, -odont, -odontia, -odus     teeth
-odynia     pain
-oesophageal    gullet
-oid   like, similar
-ole    diminutive, small
-ologist    one who studies and practices (specialist)
-ology    study of
-olysis     breakdown
-oma   tumor, swelling
-omata   tumors
-omphalos, -omphalus   umbilicus, navel, umbilical cord
-on    basic genetic element, inert gas
-ont    living being, cell, organism
-onchyia, -onyxis     condition of fingernails or toenails
-onym     name
-oorhagia     rapid flow of blood
-oorhaphy    suturing, repairing
-ophthalmos    eye
-opia      vision (condition)
-opsy      to view
-orchidism    testicle
-orexia, -orexic     appetite
-orrhea     flow, excessive discharge
-orrhexis    rupture
-ory       connected with, belonging to
-osis  disease, condition (when used with blood cell word roots, means
-ostomy    surgical opening
-ostosis     tumor, bony growth
-otic    ear
-otomy   incision
-ous     pertaining to
-oxia    oxygen
-paedic, -pedic, -pede, -pedia    feet
-para      give birth to; number of children
-paresis    slight paralysis
-path     one who is diseased or suffering
-pathy, -pathic     disease
-penia    deficiency; abnormal reduction in number
-pepsia    digestion
-pexy      fixation (tissue), suspension
-phagia, -phage     swallow, spasm, contraction, swallowing
-phago      eating, devouring
-phagy    eating, devouring
-phasia     speech disorder
-pheresis   removing, taking away, extraction
-phil, -philia     attraction for
-phily, -phile, -philus, -phila, philic    love
-phleb, -phlebo    vein
-phobia, phobic  fear, abnormal fear of or aversion to specific objects
or                                         things
-phonia, -phone   sound or voice
-phoresis     transmission
-phoria, -phore     feeling
-phorous      carrying
-phrenia      mental disorder
-phthisis      waste away, wane, decay
-phylaxis      protection
-physis       growth (physical)
-plasia     formation, development
-plasm    growth, substance, formation
-plasty     plastic surgery
-plegia     paralysis
-plexy     stroke or seizure
-ploid   having the number of sets of chromosomes indicated by the prefix
-pnea, -pnoea     breathing
-pod     foot
-poiesis    production, formation
-porosis     passage
-prandial     meal
-praxia      in front of, before
-ptosis     dropping down, falling, downward placement, sagging, prolapse
-ptysis     spitting
-rachidia     spine
-rhine, -rrhine     nose
-rrhage     burst forth
-rrhagia     hemorrhage, discharge
-rrhaphy     suture, stitch
-rrhea, -rrhoea     flowing
-rrhexis    rupture
-rrhoea    flowing, discharge
-salpinx    fallopian tube
-sarc    flesh, soft tissue
-sarcoma    tumor, cancer
-schisis    split, fissure
-sclerosis    hardening
-scope    picture, inspection
-scopic    visual examination
-scopy    use of instrument for viewing
-sepsis    infection
-soma    body
-some    chromosome, region of a body
-sis    condition of
-spasm    sudden and involuntary muscle
-sperma, -spermum, -spermal, -spermous, -spermy    seed,
semen,                                    race, origin
-stalsis    contraction
-stasis, -stasia    stoppage, stand
-staxis    dripping, trickling
-stenosis    constriction, narrowing
-stomy    beneath
-tarsal    tarsus
-taxial, -tactic    arrangement, order, pattern
-tension, -tensive   pressure (blood)
-therm    temperature
-thorax   chest
-thymia   condition of the mind
-tibial    tibia
-tocia    birth, labor
-topia, -topic   being in a place or location
-toxic   poisonous
-tic   pertaining to
-tome   cutting instrument
-tomy   cutting operation
-tony   tension
-tripsyc, -tripsy   crushing
-trophy   tissue, nourishment
-ty   quality, state, condition
-type, -typic, -typy   kind, pattern, type, model
-ula, -ule   small
-ulnar   ulna
-uria   urine
-y   condition or process of
-yl   in chemistry, a radical
-zoa   living things
-zygous   a zygotic nature of the prefix
-zyme   enzyme