Quickening of the anlage

" . . . in biology, the anlage is the part of a cell
characterized as 'that which will become.' Within
the anlage is the primal substance which in time
will develop, causing us to become a complete
someone." (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD., page 43
of "Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and
Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype")

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Well. I can't find where I got this picture. Probably it
was sent to me in an e-mail. Sorry to whoever owns
this picture. But below is a really amazing picture,
which is from
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OK. Well, I am Cathy, and hopefully, if you are visiting this website, you are my student. Just to let you
know, I LOVE teaching, it's great work if you can get it. If you ever get that chance, I advise you to

I hope that you can use these pages in my course. I also hope that you can use these pages in other
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Pictures of me and my grandsons, loves of my life, below.

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moon phase info
Development of Exceptional
TR 10:45 -- 12:05 (Blount)
Th 5:30 - 9:30 (Magnolia) (hybrid)  
M 6:15 -- 9:15
MWF 9:40 -- 10:35
Three pictures -- first, my grandsons, Calvin and Wyatt,
1/07; my grandson Calvin with me 12/04; and my
grandson Wyatt with me, 12/06. Below that is Cyrus, ~April
2011. Aren't they gorgeous????
the website of Catherine Shafer, PhD.
Life is short!!
Break the rules;
Forgive quickly;
Kiss slowly;
Love truly;
Laugh uncontrollably;
Make lots of funny
And never regret
anything that made
you smile.
Banned books, part 1
Banned books, part 2
(September is Banned Books Month)

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